When the Bearish BTC Will End?

When the Bearish BTC Will End?

The bitcoin bearish momentum has not yet stopped this year.

Bitcoin went below $20000 again after a month's time.

Bitcoin still has a long way to go before it reaches the market price cycle bottom.

The last high in the stock market was more than 3,00 days ago, when the $68,000 mark was reached.

Last month, the price of Bitcoin rose close to $25,000 per coin.

Analysis of previous data suggests that Bitcoin bearish momentum would continue through about 365 days from the current market high.

Factor investors are said to be operating with greatly unrealized losses at the present price level.

According to the price tracker CoinMarketCap, a weekly average price of 6.563  remains.

Investors who utilize the cryptocurrency are handling their funds at a loss.

The value of the realized (MVRV) market points to a negative sentiment in the investing community.