Dental Sterilization Tech Job Description

Dental Sterilization Tech Job Description
Dental Sterilization Tech Job Description

Dental sterilization technology is a critical part of any dental office. The job of a dental sterilization technician is to keep the office clean and sterile by using disinfectants and sterilizing equipment. This is a critical job in any dental office, as it helps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

A dental sterilization technician must be able to use various types of disinfectants and know how to properly sterilize equipment. They must also be able to follow safety procedures to protect themselves and others in the office. This helps the staff to feel more comfortable and it also protects them from catching germs.

By 2022, the dental sterilization tech job description will include more duties such as taking x-rays and helping patients feel comfortable in the dental chair.

Qualifications for a Dental Sterilization Tech

A dental sterilization technician must have a high school diploma or equivalent. It is generally preferred that employees have at least one year of related experience. Some states may require more experience or education. Dental sterilization technicians must pass a state-approved exam.

Where to Find Jobs in Dental Sterilization Tech?

There are many places to find jobs in dental sterilization tech. One option is to search job boards on the internet. This can be a great way to find job openings that may not be advertised elsewhere. Another option is to contact local dental practices directly and inquire about opportunities. Often, dental practices are willing to hire someone with little or no experience if they are qualified and motivated. Finally, networking with people who work in the dental industry can also be a great way to find out about open positions.

Why Dental Sterilization Tech Job is Important?

The dental sterilization technician job is important because it helps keep the dental office clean and sterile. This is a critical job in any dental office because if equipment or surfaces are not properly sterilized, it can lead to the spread of infection. This is a very important job, and it is critical that the technicians be precise and thorough in their work.

Interview Questions About Dental Sterilization Tech Job

  • What do you believe are the qualities of a great product?
  • What is your favorite part of the job?
  • What is your least favorite part of the job?
  • What are your thoughts on sterilization techniques and methods?
  • How do you approach a new job?
  • Tell me about a challenging project you’ve worked on
  • What is your definition of a clean?
  • How do you prioritize what to clean first and what to clean last?
  • What are some techniques for cleaning instruments?
  • What is the difference between sterilizing and disinfecting?
  • What are some safety measures you take when cleaning instruments?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What qualities do you think make a great dental technician?
  • What makes you stand out from other candidates?
  • When did you first know that you wanted to be a dental tech?
  • How do you stay up to date with the latest sterilization techniques and new technology in the field of dentistry?
  • What is your typical work day like?

Dental Sterilization Tech Job Description

The Dental Sterilization Tech is responsible for sterilizing dental instruments. This includes using an autoclave, chemical sterilizers, and ultra-sonic devices to ensure that all instruments are clean and sterile before being used on patients.


  1. Sterilize dental instruments by using autoclaves, chemical sterilizers, and ultra-sonic devices.
  2. Monitor the sterilization process to make sure it is running smoothly.
  3. Perform routine equipment maintenance and cleanings.
  4. Maintain a sterile environment by following all OSHA regulations.
  5. Assist with general dental procedures such as filling cavities and removing teeth.
  6. Perform quality control checks on the sterility of dental instruments after every use.
  7. Stay up to date with OSHA regulations, keeping records of all training sessions attended as well as passing any required certifications.
  8. Be able to work flexible hours including nights, weekends, holidays,
  9. Load and unload autoclaves and other sterilizers with instruments and equipment
  10. Check instruments, tools, and other devices for completeness before loading into sterilization unit
  11. Set up and maintain chemical sterilization units to provide proper concentration of chemicals at the desired temperature
  12. Follow safety procedures to avoid contamination of instruments, tools, or any other items in the dental office
  13. Clean and maintain equipment used in instrument processing
  14. Maintain inventory of chemicals used in instrument processing
  15. Sterilize all instruments/equipment used in dental practice
  16. Pack/label sterilized items for storage
  17. Assist with inventory of sterilized items

Final Verdicts

In conclusion, a dental sterilization technician is an important member of the dental team. They are responsible for ensuring that all dental instruments and equipment are properly sterilized and disinfected. This is a critical role, as it helps to ensure the safety of both the patients and the dental staff. If you are interested in a career as a dental sterilization technician, there are many schools that offer certification programs.

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